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I present, my ramblings!


Frank Rant - Horror Movies & Planes

Frank goes off on a little rant about modern horror movie, why they suck, and Disney's Planes!


Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Rant!

Why you should not watch the trailer for the new Star Trek film.


TANT (Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles) Rant

Frank and I rant about the new Michael Bay Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles, 3D movies, and talk about the upcoming Prometheus. July 29, 2012


Thanks Giving 2011 VLOG

If you've ever wondered, this is what I think of when it comes to Thanks Giving... November 24, 2011


MTV Movie Awards Rant

My thoughts on the MTV Move/Twilight Awards . . . ARGH!!!!! June 29, 2011



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